Friday, June 13

Thursday June 12, 2008 Drama Costume Party

Abby took a drama class with our co-op group and they had a party yesterday. They each were to dress up like something or someone that they had studied during the school year. They read out five clues and then the kids would try and guess who or what they were. Some were quite creative.

Benjamin Franklin

Abby as a pioneer: She studied all about the Oregon Trail

The whole group: The girl with the yellow box was the ark of the
covenant and she held up a jar with bread in it for the jar of manna,
a stick for Aaron's staff and paper ten commandments.

Below is a section I found from an article about the items in the ark of the covenant and although I have studied this subject many times I learned a few new things so I hope it will bless you too!

"These three articles were preserved in the ark throughout Israel’s history as an unpleasant symbol of man’s sins and shortcomings, a reminder of how they rejected God’s provision, authority and right standard of living. It pointed to man as a helpless sinner.
It may have been uncomfortable to think that God’s splendor was so close to the three articles associated with man’s sinfulness. But this is where God’s provision comes in. When God looked down from His presence above the ark, He did not see the reminders of sin. They were covered by a necessary object — the atonement cover. "

If you would like to read more about the tabernacle you can go to the website below:

Wednesday June 11, 2008 BSU Orientation

Today I went to Boise State University to their New Transfer Student Orientation. It was very helpful as I have not been a student in twenty years! I am hoping to take at least one class this Fall.

View from the new parking garage

The tall building in the back is the stadium

Monday, June 9

June 9, 2008 Abby gets stitches removed!

Abby had to have a mole removed from her neck last Tuesday. She was so brave. She had to go to the operating room and we were allowed to be with her. Her daddy sat by her holding her hand and I sat behind him so that I could not see anything! I'm not so brave. When it was all over the Dr. looked at Monty and said "are you ok?" I looked at him and his face was very white and pale. He then decided to sit down for a minute.

Abby in the waiting room!

Dr. Garner and Abby

I just had to take a picture of him because he was such a gift from God. We were referred to him by our dermatologist and had no idea who he was. As soon as he walked in the room the first time we met him it was amazing. He was so kind and gentle. I had such a peace about him treating Abby. The whole experience was just amazing. She felt almost no pain which I credit to his gentle and slow approach and of course God being in control of the entire procedure. Praise God for providing this wonderful doctor for us! This situation was definitely a faith builder to me as I daily had to give this over to the Lord (waiting many years knowing the mole needed to be removed) and He of course carried me through every step of the way! My mother died from melanoma 11 years ago and that type of cancer is heriditary so it definitely had to be taken off.

June 6, 2008 Nampa Idaho Homeschool Conference

College Church of the Nazarene, Nampa, Idaho

We were so excited because we got to meet the author of
some books that we ordered from the internet when we lived in Alabama
several years ago. He has two more books out so we of course bought them.
The kids can't wait to read them. You can check them
out at

We had no idea that Matt was from Boise.

Taking a lunch break! The girls had fun in their class that
was on Friday and Saturday. They played games and made
crafts. Kendall went on Saturday to a class on public
speaking and communication.

And here we are at lunch break. Amelia is spending the day

with Gma and Gpa! Monty got to join us on Saturday.

June 5, 2008 Places I go

We have so many second stores here and I have found many
good deals.

This is the library we go to the most. It is such a nice place
to go. Everyone that works there is very nice and helpful.
They have a very nice section for the children. They have
toys and puzzles for them to play with and the best thing is
a bathroom in the children's area.

Here is Kendall looking up a book on the computer.

June 5, 2008 Mattie Grace: No Training Wheels!

She is so proud and is having so much fun riding around our new neighborhood!

And of course here is Amelia.....she loves getting her picture taken and is also very proud that she can ride her new tricycle!

Wednesday, June 4

May 3, 2008 It Gets even Better!

Part 2

We went out shopping to our Goodwill store and also Craft Warehouse. We had such a great time they couldn't get me to leave. They were trying to get me to go home but I just couldn't understand why we would go home when we were just beginning to have such a great time together. Little did I know again! They had told me there were no other surprises.......and why did I believe them? I still had no idea what would be next! The doorbell rings and I should have realized something was happnening but I didn't.

It was my other very good friend, Diane, from Louisiana. She used to live in Montgomery where we became very close friends.

It was not easy for Diane to come and visit me. She also has
5 children and one of them has very special needs which makes
it even more difficult to leave. Her husband travels and is gone
several days out of the week so she definitely deserved a
vacation. I so appreciate ALL the sacrifices she and her family
made just for me!

Here we are all together once again! What a happy time!

And of course I had to show you the man behind the great plan!
The girls planned the trip and my wonderful husband devised a way
to make it a surprise. Needless to say, he pulled it off very well!
He also should be praised for driving around his 4 wives! We all
had many good laughs about that. He was a trooper putting up
with all the chic flick movies, late night decorating, organizing the
pantry (thanks Diane!) and much more!

May 2, 2008 Part 1 : The Biggest Surprise in my Life!

It was Friday around 5:00 pm and I was expecting our good friends, Gabe and Katie, from Montgomery Alabama to come for a visit. Gabe worked with Monty when we lived in Montgomery and our family became to love Gabe and Katie. Of course I was thrilled when Gabe emailed us saying his company was sending him to Idaho to work on a project for a few days. I thought only God could arrange this neat reunion!

Well, little did I know when I opened the door to greet them it was my sister, Melinda. (I haven't seen her since we moved last August from Montgomery Alabama) At first I thought, "oh know!, Gabe and Katie are coming too!" but then she told me she was Gabe and Katie. A few minutes later one of my best friends appeared at the front door! I just couldn't believe my eyes! I truly felt like I was going to have a heart attack from the shock of it all! It was the biggest surprise I have had in my life! I then realized that they had come for my 40th birthday! What a gift!

And then I see my friend, Angela!!!! And I need to mention that Angela has never flown, never been away this far from her 5 boys! My sister also is very busy and keeps her grandbaby so it was HUGE deal for her also to make arrangements to come and see me!

What a GREAT day! I will never ever forget it!

Part 2 to my story coming soon!