Monday, November 14


Since my daughter, Abby, does such a fabulous job taking pictures and writing on her blog, I thought I would just lead you to her blog and you can see my first attempt at making sushi!  I feel like I have my own professional photographer following me around!  How awesome is that?


Thursday, September 15


For many years, my husband and I, have felt drawn to mentor college students.  My husband grew up in a family that not only served and loved college students but also taught them about Jesus Christ and His example of serving. 

During our college years, they taught us how to serve and we were blessed to be served by many people who cared about college  kids and wanted them to know Christ and grow more in love with Him.

College can be a very confusing time for  young people with all the different beliefs and philosophies they are surrounded by. Our son will be a college student next year and we definitely don't want him to be thrown out into the world without strong believers around him helping him to remain firm in his faith.

The mentoring,teaching, and most importantly the love we received in college helped firm up our Christian foundation and showed us how important it is for us to reach out to college students.  This is why, I believe, we  have such a heart and desire to work with these young kids.  And, I can't forget how much they bless us!  It is exciting seeing these young kids get excited about God and growing and maturing in Christ.  

Below is a link to an article we wrote for a newsletter and blog for the college students we work with at Boise State University.


Wednesday, September 14

Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood by Dennis Rainey ebook special

Please take advantage of this special ebook by Dennis Rainey and tell all of your friends and family about it!

Monday, April 4

How important is it to dress modestly?

I believe all girls and women should watch this powerful video.

I pray today that we, women and girls, will be convicted by the Holy Spirit to take a stand to help men fight the battle of lust.