Tuesday, July 20

Is it hard for you to wait on God?

Lately, I have been struggling with being patient with God in my requests. I find myself not wanting to keep asking God for certain requests because it "seems" like nothing is happening. I have been praying for several people in my life for many years and I have been growing weary in trusting God for these precious souls. Is He not in control? Am I disobeying by not trusting Him? Was it an accident that I found these words from E. Elliot today? I don't think so!

"Be persuaded, timid soul, that He has loved you too much to cease loving you..." (Keep A Quiet Heart by E. Elliot)

"To want what we don't have is impatience, for one thing, and it is to mistrust God. Is He not in complete control of all circumstances, events and conditions? If some are beyond His control, He is not God...

A spirit of resistance cannot wait on God. I believe it is this spirit which is the reason for some of our greatest sufferings. Opposing the workings of the Lord in and through our "problems" only exacerbates them...

It is here and now that we must win our victories or suffer defeats. Spiritual victories are won in the quiet acceptance of ordinary events. Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy..."

I pray that you also will be encouraged by these words and keep waiting with a patient spirit.

Monday, July 5

Do you believe in the power of prayer?

If you care about our Nation, please take the time to watch this message given by Dr. Charles Stanley.