Friday, March 28

Mattie Grace has her first loose tooth!

The other night after reading our book she accidentally bumped her mouth with her knee and said her tooth hurt. I took a look and discovered her bottom tooth was loose! She was so excited. Tonight at dinner Amelia said she couldn't eat her meat because her tooth was loose. She is so funny she doesn't want to be left out.

Tuesday, March 25

Sunday March 23 Easter Sunday

We went to The Center for a sonrise service. Monty, Kendall, Judy and Tim fixed a delicious breakfast starting at 6:30am. They served whole wheat pancakes, hash browns, eggs and sausages. We met them around 6:45. It was a very meaningful time as we sang songs and shared what Easter meant to us. We sat in the chapel area with large windows all around watching as the sun came up. It was a beautiful sight!

All dressed up in their new clothes!

Saturday March 22, 2008 Dyeing Easter Eggs

Doesn't need much explanation......just FUN!

Mattie Grace patiently waiting to dye an egg!

Friday March 21, 2008 Dinner at The Center

We took taco soup to The Center to eat with Tim and Judy. Monty and Kendall went to the scrimmage game that afternoon and then met us for dinner. Monty's parents are usually there but it is Spring Break and they went back to New Mexico to check on their property that is for sale and also to visit with their youngest daughter and her family.

We meet at The Center near Boise State University on Friday nights for a short devotional and then games or a movie. It is quite fun!

Tuesday, March 18

P.E. At the Gym

We meet for P.E. each Tuesday and this month we are meeting at a church gym. Kendall plays basketball, Abby cheers, Mattie Grace plays games and Amelia is with me playing outside if it is a nice day.

Abby cheering

Kendall playing basketball

Amelia and Mattie Grace playing ball

Amelia playing Red Light Green Light

Friday, March 14

Kendall's new pillows

This is Kendall making his new pillow shams for his room. His little sister, Mattie Grace, is watching him!

Here is Kendall so proud of the pillows he made! He is decorating his room in Boise State University colors: blue and orange! Go Broncos! We had fun making them together.

Thursday, March 13

More zoo pictures!

Mattie Grace trying to hold her breath for 1 minute like the penguins!

Amelia and Mattie Grace riding the penguins

Boise Idaho Zoo

These are some pictures of my family at the zoo.

Thursday March 13, 2008 A Very busy day!

Our co-op homeschool group met today. I teach art for one hour and we painted our salt dough creations that we made last time. We then made wind socks that turned out real cute. After art, I helped in the pre-school class. Amelia really likes to go to this class. I got the special job of setting up bowling pins and retrieving balls! Boy am I tired! Kendall finished dissecting a perch and then on to his lego buidling class. Abby went to drama and Oregon Trail and Mattie Grace was in art and Picture books. She talked about the author Eric Carle and made a picture of a butterfly with tissue paper and glue. It turned out very pretty! After co-op we quickly drove through McDonald's and then dropped Abby and Kendall off to their writing class.

Wednesday, March 12

My first day blogging!

I guess I am now officially a blogger! I am going for it and hoping I can figure out how to do what seems like everyone in the world is doing now! I can't be left behind! I know I can do it because I have a husband that knows everything about computers and he will for sure help me out. You know I love you, honey!

It was a beautiful day today so we met Monty for lunch at the Boise Zoo. Amelia kept saying we were going to see the "aminals"! It was so cute. We had a really fun time. The highlight of our day was watching the condor eat a rat. We were about 2 feet from it so it was quite fascinating. We also got to see the tiger up close too! He was sitting next to the glass wall. I knew they were big animals but I just couldn't believe how big he really was especially his paws! I hope to have some pictures from the zoo up soon!