Thursday, October 7


Our very close friend, Diane Roark, felt God leading her to develop Bible games to Sweep the Word in Every Earthly Place (SWEEP)! Please spread the word about this website and be praying that God can do some amazing things through her humble efforts and obedience to God.

Diane has lived through many extremely difficult situations. When her son, Caleb, was so sick and his shunt was failing, I witnessed her calm spirit and enormous amount of faith. Despite all the obstacles that the enemy has thrown towards her, she continues to love her God and serve Him mightily!

You can read about some of these in the Resources section on the website. We pray God will continue to use her life stories to bring Him All the glory!


Nyssa said...

Hey I played the Noah's Ark game on the website :) LOL, it was fun and I really like the whole idea. Tell your friend good job, and I will totally help spread the word. Maybe my mom can tell people at the elementary school she works at.

Temberton said...

Small world! I stumbled across Fern on FB, then found you and saw your link to this blog. I never expected to find a post about Diane! We know Diane from when we lived in Macon, GA! We lived there when the twins were born. I later visited her in Columbia because my extended family lives near there. Maybe 12 years ago or so?! We used to keep up with each other, but lost track many years ago. I will take a closer look at the game when it is not past midnight. LOL!

I have a blog too, if you want to check it out. I just moved it to a new domain:

God bless,